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Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, I'm sorry to say that my internet and computer are having a lover's quarrel at the moment.
As it stands, I can't stay connected long enough to get the pictures for this month's block onto the blog.  Hopefully, they will kiss and make up soon so I can get you the pattern for the month!
Until then, please forgive the delay. 

In the mean time our book for April is: Dragon Bones by Lisa See
Here's a bit about the book straight from the author's website:

Liu Hulan, an agent for China’s Ministry of Public Security, and her American husband, attorney David Stark, return to investigate murder and archaeological theft at the Three Gorges Dam, one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth. And also one of the most controversial. When completed, the Three Gorges Dam will be the most powerful dam ever built and the biggest project China has undertaken since the building of the Great Wall. Yet, the reservoir formed by the dam will inundate over 2,000 archaeological sites and displace over 2 million people.

Sounds like a good one!

My fingers are crossed that our internet issues will be resolved in the next day or two (I am writing this from my phone... what a drag but thank goodness for smart phones!).  If not, I will schedule some time at the local wi-fi spot to get the pictures up and the patterns onto Ravelry (hopefully by the end of the week).  Please check back!

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