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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fragments Clue 12

Hey there friends!  I hope the knitting is going well for you.
This Clue has a little bit of cabling in it.  No pictures this time, but if you need a little help you can check out Clue 7

Pattern Notes:
C3L: Slip one stitch onto the cable needle and hold the needle to the front of your work.  Knit two stitches from the left needle and then the one from the cable needle.
C3R: Slip two stitches onto the cable needle and hold to the back of your work.  Knit one stitch from the left needle and then the two from the cable needle.

Row 1: K3 *K1, sl-1, K4, sl-1*  K3
Row 2: K2, P1 *sl-1, P4, sl-1, P1* K3
Row 3: K3*K1, sl-1, K4, sl-1* K3
Row 4: K2, P1 *sl-1, P4, sl-1, P1* K3
Row 5: K3 *K1, C3L, C3R* K3
Row 6: K2 *Purl* K3

Repeat these rows for a total of three times then repeat rows 1-5 again.

Knit three rows. During the last row increase once (49 stitches).

Enjoy and Happy Knitting!

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