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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fragments Clue 5

Hi Friends!  How'd the big clue go? Hope your knitting is going well.  Here is Clue 5 for The Fragments KAL
Pattern Note: Notice the border is slightly larger than normal (4 sts instead of 3).  This is correct in order to keep the right number of stitches.  

Row 1: K4 *P5, K5* repeat across K4
Row 2: K4 *P4, K5, P1* repeat across K4
Row 3: K4 *K2, P5, K3* repeat across K4
Row 4: K4 *P2, K5, P3* repeat across K4
Row 5: K4 *K4, P5, K1* repeat across K4
Row 6: K4 *K5, P5* repeat across K4
Row 7: K4 *K4, P5, K1* repeat across K4
Row 8: K4 *P2, K5, P3* repeat across K4
Row 9: K4 *K2, P5, K3* repeat across K4
Row 10: K4 *P4, K5, P1* repeat across K4

Work rows 1-10 twice then work row 1 again (21 rows).

Knit 3 rows.


  1. I shared your blog with my friend, Traci, who is going through chemo in Seattle every 2 weeks. It's something she can pick up & take with her. Also, 2 of my KS cousins are doing. So your fame is spreading!

    1. Thanks for sharing- I am so honored that this knitting may be a source of comfort for your friend!

  2. Replies
    1. I do, but I haven't gotten them onto the computer yet :/ (Slackin' on the job!)
      I'll get all 8 Clues' pictures up on Friday

  3. Almost caught up, finished up #4 last night.